John the Evil Homeopath

from by The Damned and Dirty



For everybody who hates quacks and charlatans as much as we do!


He won't prescribe you nothing
Nothing that'll fix that rash
Selling magic water,
'cause he's only in it for the cash
Diluted down to nothing
It's John, the Evil Homeopath

You might really be sick,
but he'll tell you your chi's out of whack
And the only way to fix it is
to stick some needles in your back
You'll pay through the nose to
Evil Acupuncture Jack

He's channeling Jesus
Power from beyond the grave
I'm not sure what to call it,
Maybe quantum theta waves
Just write out that cheque to
Evil Faith Healing Dave

He says vaccines cause autism
and chemo just makes you glow
The weeds from his backyard
heal anything now, don't you know
For a modest fee, go to 
Evil Naturopathic Joe


from The Damned and Dirty, released September 1, 2012
Micha Sprenger, Kevin de Harde




The Damned and Dirty Netherlands

One of the most exciting and innovative duos in the blues tradition today. Gritty delta blues with screaming slide guitar, raw vocals and wailing blues harp. Two albums, two awards for Best Dutch Blues Album!


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