Girl Wants a Pink Car

from by The Damned and Dirty



She's a little crazy
But I think that's alright
She can be ok in the morning
Crazy late at night
Now when we disagree
And she starts to fight
I better give her what she wants
Or I might lose my mind

Girl wants a pink car... etc
Man, I'm gonna lose my mind

I tried to say hell no
But she wouldn’t budge
She said that’s what she wants
And who am I to judge?
I think I might be
Losing my touch
Better get away
Before it gets too much

Girl wants a pink car... etc

You can get any color
Just don’t make it pink
If you think I’m driving that
You really need a shrink
Now shut the fuck up
And get me a drink
Your crazy-ass jivin’
Is starting to stink

Girl wants a pink etc...


from The Damned and Dirty, released September 1, 2012
Micha Sprenger, Kevin de Harde




The Damned and Dirty Netherlands

One of the most exciting and innovative duos in the blues tradition today. Gritty delta blues with screaming slide guitar, raw vocals and wailing blues harp. Two albums, two awards for Best Dutch Blues Album!


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